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How Add google Analytics to your website - What is google Analytics

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So people having droughts  on Analytics in this i want clear some droughts that was related to below question.

what is google analytics and how does it work?

what is google analytics in seo?

what is google analytics code?

what is google analytics code for website?

what is google webmaster tools?

how add google analytics to your website

What is google Analytics?

Google analytics is one of the free product by submitting our website in google analytics they give a script code by adding that code to our website then we can track the our web site data.

How add google analytics to our website?

  • First we  have to login to gmail account 
  • Then click on below link - https://analytics.google.com/
  • Click on Admin
  • A  form will open in that enter the Website Name, Website link and Select the Country and Get tracking code (Script code)
  • Place the code in head section of your website 
  • Open your analytics account click on your website
  • To see present audience click on Real time over view
  • To see over all audience per day, per month , per year click on Audiences.

Uses of Analytics 

  • By using analytics you can see real time audiences.
  • You can see over all audience.
  • you can see your website bounce rate.
  • you can page session.
  • you can see page views.
  • You can see winch country people and winch city people are seeing your website.
  • You can see winch post/winch page are performing well.
  • How many visitor you are getting every day every hour, every minute. 
  • We can catch the on winch way we are getting visitors like (organic/Social media/ Referal Links etc.,) and so many

Below video related to How to get Google analytics code?

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