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How to do On Page Optimization - New On Page SEO Conditions

Hi friend Welcome back this is your DM Narayana (Digital Marketing) - Now in this post i'm providing the information of Conditions of On Page Optimization.

2016 off page SEO techniques

How to do On Page Optimization

Title tag:

It gives the overall concept of web page for that we are placing the main keyword.

Format  title tag format:

“Main Keyword / Secondary Keyword Brand Name”

In This Title tag we have to place 50-60 characters. Why because google typically shows the 50-60 char only and it fit in 512 pixels only.

This title will display in three places Browser, Search Engine results page and external website.

Header Tag optimization:

In this we have to check the how many <h1> tags are having in each page. If more than one<h1> tag is there in a single page then we have change the<h1> as <h2>-------<h6>.

Why we have to do header tag optimization:

  • SE views it mostly when indexing a web page.
  • It is essential for the site visitors.
  • In H1 Tag we plays the Major Business keyword.
  • All Remaining Header tags are must be related with H1 Tag.

URL Optimization:

  • In this we create Clear, Friendly Url.
  • When we create Clear Url it displays on SERP’s
  • This will increase the Percentage of Clicks.
  • If CTR Is high google treated “user behaviour” and it promote the Page up the ranking.



  • A seo friendly termed as permalink
  • If url is satisfies the the following points then it to be said as permalink
  • It must have keyword
  • Must have least number of slashes.

Meta Description:

  • Meta Description is not much important to Search Engine (SE) But it is Important to gain Users Clicks.
  • In this Tag we write the 155-160 characters of content. This content will display in the SERP’s
  • In this Description Tag we write the main keyword.

Meta Keywords:

  • In this meta keywords  placing the all keywords which was related to that page each keyword separated with ,(commas).
  • This keywords are intimating to search engine this content is related to this words.

Content Optimization:

  • A unique content plays the major role in SEO in this context we have to place the keyword “3 to 4“ %.
  • And Also we have highlet the same important words in the same way 1:4 ration we have to highlight the content.

Internal Linking:

Every web page must an internal link of another page our website. If possible we to place the keyword.

Image optimization:

In this we are placing the  our business keyword in “alt” tag. 

Meta GEO Tag:

It is newly added in SEO.  It is used for targeting visitors from the specific location.


  • Content related video It get some more benefit.
  • Placing Social Bookmarking icons is also benefit.

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