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How to remove broken links - click here for SEO Tips

Hi friends This is your DM Narayana. Here i'm Providing the information of Broken Links.

What is Broken Link?

Broken links are links on our website that point to pages which was not in our website (In any case we are deleting our pages or posts from our website) But They are already index in Search Engines (SE) They are called broken links.


suppose you write a Article and linking to other post/article of another website (After few months another website owner will delete that post from their site). Your link will now be pointing to no longer exists, so it will be treated as a broken link.

How to remove broken links

Why should take care about broken links?

1.it creates bad impression to our site visitor because when they are clicking link of our website they are expecting to find something but they get a 404 error.

2.Google knows broken links are a bad experience for visitor, so google doesn’t like our sites that contain too many broken links, Based on this reason google reduce the search rankings of a page or website.

How to Remove Broken Links?

1. Check your broken links in Webmaster tool
2. Goto webmaster
3. Click on Remove Urls
4. Click on Temporarily hide/ Clear catche 
5. Submit it.

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