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How to increase business through Twitter - Twitter Tips

Top 10 Twitter Tips to increase your business:

Hi friends welcome back to dmnarayana.com in this site I’m providing the tips of Digital Marketing. I this article I’m providing the information of tips to increase the business.

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1.       You should have fill Twitter profile completely because it shows boost up your profile.

2.       Place a good icon or image which was related to your business. My suggestion is placing your brand images like logos etc.,

3.       Placing the website url at the end of your tweet by doing like this you can increase visitors to your website. Use shortened links rather than full URLs. Bit.ly  (https://bitly.com/ )is good for this.

4.       Every day we have to participate and Find people to follow.

5.       Every day we have Follow back some people those who are related our business model.

6.       Ask questions. You can learn a lot from your followers

7.       All Ways active participation on twitter feeds and make updates of your business.

8.       By tweeting daily, you let your customers know that your business is a going concern and you also keep them updated on your business hours, promotions, events and so on. And placing the #tags for important words and trending terms is more use full.

9.       We have to use the “twit space” completely if space is having use the Brand name at end.

10.     You have Promote your Twitter presence everywhere. Include a “Follow Us on Twitter” link on your

•        Website
•        Social sharing buttons on your email newsletters
•        Blog posts and other resources
•        On other social media sites where you have an account and so on. This strategy increases your exposure and helps to gain Twitter followers.


On images you have to place twitter.com/seoguest  

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