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What is local business listing - How Do I Add My Business to Google Maps?

What Local business listing in Google:

Local business listing is a process of adding your business in to google maps. By using this you can get more business.

What is SEO?

By using this Local business listing (Google My Business Locations) it allows you to manage business details for all your locations so clients/ customers can easily find you business address through google search & maps.

How to do local business listing in google?

how to do local business listing in google

It is very easy to do local business listing.  The step by step process is given below.

  1. First we need one Gmail account.
  2. Login with Gmail account. And create google+ profiles (Sometimes not required)
  3. In new tab https://business.google.com enter this url.
  4. Click on sign in
  5. In your left hand side having three horizontal lines click on that.
  6. Click on all locations
  7. Click on add a single location
  8. You can see a search bar on google maps.
  9. Enter the business address and click on search.
  10. Then you get a message bellow search box in that click on I’ve entered correct location.
  11. Then you will get a form
  12. Fill the form and business location and submit
  13. You will get some error like we can’t find your address then click on set marker location.
  14. Then pin your building
  15. Then click on submit button
  16. Then you will get a dialogue box in that you have to enter the pincodes of your business area/ you can select the number of Kms you can serve then click on ok
  17. Then click on verify now.
  18. After that you got a post to your address with in 7-12 days .
  19. In post you get 5 digit pin and verification process go through with process and submit the pin.
  20.  Within 24-48 hrs you can see your business in google search.

Step by step process  How to do local business listing in 2016

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