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What Is SEM - What is the use of SEM

Hi friends welcome to DM Narayana (Digital Marketing) here i'm providing the updates of digital marketing. Now here in this post i'm providing the information  of What is SEM and What is the use of SEM.

What is SEO?

What Is SEM

What is SEM?

SEM Full Form is Search Engine Marketing it is a paid results of search engine.By paying some money to search engines to appear our website information on top position in SERP's.

What is the use of SEM?

In SEM We have  4 Modules:

1. Search Marketing.
2. Display Marketing.
3. Video   Marketing.
4. App Marketing.

Search Marketing:

By using Search Marketing we brand our website and we can get more business from Search Engines this ad's will appear in SERP's.

Display Marketing

By using Display Marketing we can brand our website and it also used for re-marketing techniques.This ad's will appear in SE partners website.

Video   Marketing

It is best for branding for business and it will appear in videos

Shopping Ads 

By using this we can create Shopping Ad's.  it best way to sell products.

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