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what is a google adword - Full information of google adword

What is a google AdWord?

Hi Friends welcome to dmnarayana.com in this site iam providing the digital marketing details in this post i'm providing the information of "what is a google adword" . Those people who are searching for the what is a google AdWord they can get exact and clear information about the adwords in simple words. 

what is a google adword
what is a google adword 

Google AdWords:

"Google AdWords" is a paid product of google by using adwords.google.com you can see their website. But you wan to loging in that account you need the Gmail account. by using Gmail account you can see the all featuers of AdWords.

Google AdWords is Google's Ads platform (advertising system) in this system you can created different kind of ads like search network ads, Display Network Ads etc., based on your business keywords.

But if want to appear your ad's to your targeted audience, we need to pay money for google based on keyword bid. Then only your ads will appear in search engine and search engine partners websites.

By using AdWords we can get more business and branding for any kind og business for that reason only now it is very popular. 

In some Other words it is also called SEM 

Conclusion about what is a google AdWord:

It is one of the Best advertising system to promote you business ..

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