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How to use Trending topics Relates to Digital Marketing Promotion?

How to use Trending topics relates to Digital Marketing Promotion:

Hi this is your DM Narayana, Now I’m Sharing some common Digital Marketing tips related to trending topics.

What is trending topic?

Trending topic is nothing but “those topics being discussed more others” In Outside or Social Networks etc.,

Eg: New Nokia 3310 Mobile

On FEB 2017 Nokia Company Announces the New Nokia 3310 Mobile Now it is going trending in India.

How we can say Nokia 3310 Mobile is trending – Based on Google searches, YouTube videos and Social Networking sites.

When I open any social networking within 15 min I’m seeing New Nokia 3310 Mobile posters, News etc.,

Then I searched in Google Ad Words it shows some un-believable results. In AdWords searches are started for the keywords of

Keywords Related to New Nokia 3310:

·         New Nokia 3310
·         Nokia 3310 new
·         Nokia 3310 new model
·         Nokia 3310 new model price
·         Brand new Nokia 3310 for sale etc.,

Now we have to write the articles or blogs related to Nokia 3310 mobile if its not related to our industry no issue by writing the blogs related to trending topics you will get brand awareness of your business.


Amul Company is Related to Milk Product Not related to any other topics. but they write blogs, Gifs, Images and articles are based on trending topics only.

In This same way have to write the blog posts related to treading topics and adding convention to top our brand.

Now the trending topic is Nokia 3310 New Mobile. If your site is related to technology blog then take this topic and write multiple posts. Like Features, comparison of mobiles and Prices etc.,
Conduct the survey in Social Network

If you’re Site and Business is Not related to Trending Topic then write the blogs to motivate, your interest relate and at end blog you have to write your brand supporting.

While writing the trending topics we need too few things:

·         Write Engaging content in Positive Moto.
·         Use Grate Graphics related to trending with Our Business Model.
·         Size Of Content


Trending relate topics will bring good brand awareness of our brand name. For that we have to write positive words and supporting lines we have to write. Based on users will engage with our site then our site active user will increase page session will increase then Page Authority will increase. When we repeatedly appearing on trending topic then automatically we are placing a brand seed on users brain.   

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