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Top 7 SEO Secret’s to rank on Google in 2018

Top 7 SEO Secret’s

Thinking how search engine optimization has changed in 2018? Yes, as years passing by Google is updating and changing its algorithm for better user experience, its means as marketers we need to adapt these changes to rank better.
Organic traffic has always been challenging for digital marketers and confusing at time wondering what techniques to be used to rank on top. Let's now embark our journey with Top 7 SEO Secret’s to rank on Google this year. This secret’s will not be to manipulate or trick search engine but using the best white Hat SEO methods. We all have been learning that SEO is a combination on both On Page and off page each holding its own priority to rank.
Top 7 SEO Secret’s to rank on Google in 2018


Every search engine looks for relevancy; it’s a simple way of measuring weather a web page is relevant to the given search query. When both web page and search query matches then you have a good search relevancy score. Having a good score keeps the users on site and will reduce the bounce rate, which in turn will help in ranking of the website. To increase the relevancy score add relevant keywords in meta title and meta description of the web page by adding so CTR increases. CTR is a key factor affect your site’s ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Avoid keyword stuffing this will effect your site and a site may be flagged for review or penalized. < Internal Linking with Anchor Text Anchor text is visible text hyperlinks display when linking to another web page. In general it appears as a blue underline text, which changes upon clicking. <a href=http://www.dmnarayana.com> SEO Updates</a> The word text in the above example is anchor text. We can use different type of anchor text like brand name, keywords, LSI keywords, Url. Anchor text can also be used as internal links to website. If a website has a web page with topic A and is related to another web page with topic B then both can be connect with anchor text. A highly relevant link can improve the likelihood of both page A and page B ranking for queries related to their topic. Google pays importance’s to different anchor text variation being used to link back to the original article. Always ensure that your links send strong relevancy signals and as well structured. Also never over load any page with too many anchor text it can be sensed as spammy .

Fix Broken Link:

Broken links are bad in any website. When user follows a link from your site to other site with an expectation of information but can't reach it hurts. It’s a bad sign to Seo and bad user experiences. Google bots regularly crawl website to collect information about each page also audits every link in the page to gather the data. Its very important to check broken links regularly. They are many online tools available also you can make use of a chrome extension “Check my links “ by manually reviewing every page of your site and performing checks individually for broken links. This extension is suitable for small website. For large website Paid tools like AHREF’s is recommended.

Geo Targeting:

Website trying to target their business to certain geographical area, it may be targeted only to one country, a number of countries. Geo targeting is best suitable for web site with Local business. Local search has improved drastically since July 2014, when the initial Pigeon update was launched since then Google had always being doing best in returning most of relevant search results to their users with local business options. It’s very important to update the correct location with help of Google maps and Google my business for better visibility in SERP.

Backlinks from Quality Website

A well know fact is Building quality backlinks can lead to better SEO, which in turn means more traffic But the question is how do we do it. In our early articles also we narrated about the best practices for backlinks. Now let's look in a few of them with need to be carried forward. Press release is a worth when you’ve quality information and attractive title. Because in this websites they provide content to a lot of smaller sites, which can easily get picked up by news sites. Guest blogging is a one-way backlinks to your website. When doing this you should avoid duplicate content. Always build relationship with blogger who are expertise in your stream. On a note they are many popular and proven methods to get quality backlinks(http://www.dmnarayana.com/2017/05/5-advance-new-off-page-techniques.html).

Niche Blog commenting

Blog commenting is proven and an easiest way to get backlinks to new or old website. The reason why it is recommended by most of digital marketers is that people are searching for information and definitely want to learn most about it. Hence users will be interested and Google will treat this as a quality backlink technique. Find high authority site, which can provide dofollow link, yes some time a nofollow link would work too. When working on niche blog commenting with proper backlinks and gain massive traffic. To build better backlinks always to competitor backlink analysis and make a comment on the relevant blogs that your competitors have done.

Guest post

Guest posting is a natural way of building links. When looking for guest post main goal should be to find website related to our business. Once done try to analyze the website on following points. Is the website belongs to your business Is the website active on social media Does the website has engaging blog Checking the Domain Authority A bonus for this would be if you can approach a guest blogger in your business that can make an writings for you to the owners of blogs they have guest posted on. Practicing this methods on to your website and stay focused by giving a valued content with great user experience to rank your website this 2018.
Happy Marketing and Happy New year!!!!!!

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