3 best ways to create Manual XML Sitemap – How to create manual xml sitemap

How to create manual xml sitemap?

Hi friends welcome back Dm Narayana in this article I’m providing the information of how to create manual xml site.
There different ways to create manual xml site in that we are creating through SEO tools and below I’m providing the basic code of site map based on that you will create your sitemap for particular pages.

What is a sitemap?

This Sitemap file shows order of your site to SE (Search engine) crawlers to stumble upon it.
Tools for to create XML Sitemap:

How to create manual xml sitemap

  1. XNEU Tool

  • First we have to install this tool in our device.
  • After that open that tool.
How to create manual xml sitemap
  • Place the website url. Click on ok button.
manual xml sitemap
  • And wait for some time.
manual xml sitemap
  • After completion of process.
  • Click on File tab in menu section.
uses of manual xml sitemap
  • Click on Create google sitemap link
  • Then It creates the XML Site map.
  • Then upload this XMl Site map document in Server root folder.(Hint: public_html directory, the same place your index.php or index.html )

2. Own code for XML Sitemap:

By using below code you create your own xml sitemap.

Open Notepad or Notepad ++

Copy the below code and paste in Notepad document if you have 10pages in your site then repeat the <url> </url> code 10 times.

Save the file with the extension sitemap.xml

And upload sitemap file in your Server Root folder.

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Sample XML Code:

<urlset xmlns=”http://www.sitemaps.org/schemas/sitemap/0.9″>
<loc>place webpage  url</loc>
<loc>place webpage  url</loc>

3. Website

  • Click on Above link.
  • A new tab will open.
  • In that place the Url of website
  • Click on start button.
  • You will get sitemap file.
  • Download the sitemapfile.
  • Upload into your root folder.

Is there any quarry on this topic please feel free to ask and place the quarry in Comment section.

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