how place page level ad’s for website – how to create page level ad’s of google Adsense

How to Create Page Level Ad’s in Google Adsense Account?

Since October 2015 google introduces the news ad’s that is called page level ad’s. These ad’s are very useful to our websites and it very use full to generate more income through adsense. 

Best Alternative to google adsense

These ad’s will not appear in desk tops and laptops it appear only in mobile devices only.
how to create page level ad's of google Adsense

Step by step process to create page level ad’s:

  • First  login to Adsense Account or click on this link “adsense account
  • Click on My Ad’s
  • In that click on page level Ad’s
  • Then you will see two different Ad formates they are Anchor/Overlay Ad’s and Vignette Ad’s
  • Scrool Down Click on get code 
  • Copy the Ad Code and past the code on head section of your website when you are placing the code please on head section then you have to async=’async’.
  • Then click on save button

Page Level Ad Formates:

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In this having two formats they are Anchors and second one is Vignettes

1. Anchor:
These ad’s are appear at the bottom of the screen
These ad’s occupy the full screen similar to Ad mob’s it is more effective for mobile advertising .

Uses of Page Level Ad’s:

  • By placing page level Ad’s we can increase the revenue.
  • Provide the best experience.
  • Two New formats.
  • Doesn’t count against the 6 ad’s.
  • It is very optimized and responsive to mobile needs.


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