How to Create an Engaging Blog – How to Increase Website Traffic – Tricks of 2017-2018

How to increase Website Traffic
Blog’s are gaining significant importance’s these days. Online marketing is all about driving traffic to the website, Blog is one simple effective ways to engage visitor’s in your website. Internet communities are effectively following this method and yet failing to gain visitors. Many new marketers find a blog as the most difficult challenge.
Now let’s simplify this Million dollar question as to how to create an engaging blog which attracts more users and generate revenue with some simplified rules.
How to Create an Engaging Blog
How to Create an Engaging Blog

Pick up the right Niche ideas for your Blog Increase Website Traffic:

Always is important to pick up the right niche trending title for your blog. By doing this we can attract maximum visitors, A trending blog posts are so much easier to promote due to their highly social value and potential customers. Make a list of the ideas that can brief your blog to stand out from others.

Content Designing(Generating)

When starting to write the content is always confusing what has to be included and where to start from. Below is the do’s checklist to have when preparing content.

Top 8 Tips to Create an Engaging Blog

·         Prepare a catchy headline.

·         Use Odd Number and add Attractive (Odd) keywords in the title, this will have a great impact on Click through rate (CTR).

·         Ensure the title is below 55 -65 characters for better SERP visibility.

·         Title of the blog should always match the idea of a blog, to avoid misleading.

·         Have 6-word headline to improve readability of content.

·         Avoid words with mixed meaning.

·         Include triggering words and adjective’s in titles when necessary. 

·         Always add a targeted keyword in the title.

Content writing guidelines to Create an Engaging Blog

After creating an effective title, now its time to create a useful content that encourages the visitors to read Few points have to be noted when creating high-quality content.
·         Users are visiting to know the unknown, so content in the blog should be an education to visitors
·         A high-quality education should be evenly spread across the content
·         Trying Writing a personalized or conversational content
Create a content worth of 2200 words to have great takeaways from the content, else stick around with 500 words.
·         Keyword stuffing is a bad practices to follow in content writing
·         Use 3-5 heading to improve the readability and scanability of the article
·         End the article with a conclusion
·         Include odd numbers in the titles

Visual effects 

·         Add your company logo when required to create brand awareness
·         Choose right colors in the infographics
·         Add content related images    when needed
·         Don’t overload the infographics with content
·         Use high quality images to educate the visitors

Lead Generation

Lead generation is very important when having a blog, with this we can engage with potential users.  Collecting email is a by far the best solution for blogs, But how to manage?

·         Add a subscribe option in the header section of the webpage
·         Social media sharing’s are seen sidebar of the page, Instead, try adding an email subscription. It can attract at least 1% of the visitors.
·         Newsletters option is one proven successful methods for lead generations
·         Using Pop blockers in the important pages of the website and when customers are leaving the website
·         Notification is an effective technique through which we can email visitors about the promotions and upgrade available about the content.
·         User friendly landing page experience can drive people to visit other pages in the website and convert them to potential users.

Advertising content

·         Best time promote content is Monday morning 11 as it’s the first day of the week.

·         Social sharing: Start sharing the content in the social media, ensure that it is shared at the right time when most of your users are active.

·         Email: send emails to your subscribers early in the morning. Also emails should be send at regular intervals.

·         Influencers: People follow influencers for a reason, be it in any industry. Making them talk about you will affect your business.

·         Off page promotion: Search with the targeted keyword and collect similar articles. Contact the author of the article and ask for a backlink to your content.

·         Guest posting:  Try to reach other blogs within the same topic and email them for guest posting. This can be a little challenging option but sending email follow up emails would work in most cases.

·         Other languages: With help of translators promote your blog in other languages to gain a worldwide fans list

·         Tools: use popular digital marketing tools to reach the maximum users who are engaged with your brand and website.

Earn Money

·         Plan for long-term results
·         Advertise your USP (Unique selling point)
·         Provide a call to Action in most of your pages
·         Make use of popups in important pages and exit popups with promotion to generate more leads.
·         Personalized welcome notes are useful to grab users

Follow the above-discussed points to your websites, blogs to impress to users and create a buzz about your brand in your business.


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