How to do On Page Optimization – New On Page SEO Conditions

On Page SEO Checklist 2018

Hi, friend Welcome back this is your DM Narayana (Digital Marketing) – Now in this post, I’m providing the information of Checklist of On-Page Optimization.

What is On page?

On-Page is a process of optimizing our website based on search engine guidelines, latest technologies and it will improve the visibility in Google.

2018 off page SEO techniques


How to do On Page Optimization

Title Tag Optimization:

It gives the overall concept of a web page for that we are placing the main keyword.

Format  title tag format:

“Main Keyword | Secondary Keyword Brand Name”

In This Title tag, we have to place 55-60 characters. Why because Google typically shows the 50-60 char only and it fit in 512 pixels only.

This title will display in three places Browser, Search Engine results page, and external website.


<title> What is SEO | Dm Narayana </title>

Header Tag optimization:

In this, we have to check the how many <h1> tags are having on each page. If more than one<h1> tag is there in a single page then we have change the<h1> as <h2>——-<h6>.

Why we have to do header tag optimization:

  • SE views it mostly when indexing a web page.
  • It is essential for the site visitors.
  • In H1 Tag we play the Major Business keyword.
  • All Remaining Header tags are must be related with H1 Tag.

URL Optimization:

  • In this, we create Clear, Friendly Url.
  • When we create Clear Url it displays on SERP’s
  • This will increase the Percentage of Clicks.
  • If CTR Is high google treated “user behavior” and it promotes the Page up the ranking.


  • An SEO friendly termed as the permalink
  • If URL is satisfied the following points then it to be said as the permalink
  • It must have keyword
  • Must have the least number of slashes.

Meta Description:

  • Meta Description is not much important to Search Engine (SE) But it is Important to gain Users Clicks.
  • In this Tag, we write the 155-160 characters of content. This content will display in the SERP’s
  • In this Description Tag, we write the main keyword.

Meta Keywords:

  • In this meta keyword placing all keywords which were related to that page. each keyword separated with, (commas).
  • These keywords are intimating to search engine this content is related to this words.

Content Optimization:

  • A unique content plays the major role in SEO in this context we have to place the keyword “3 to 4“ %.
  • And Also we have highlighted the same important words in the same way 1:4 ration we have to highlight the content.

Internal Linking:

Every web page must an internal link of another page our website. If possible we to place the keyword.

Image optimization:

In this, we are placing our business keyword in “alt” tag. 

Meta GEO Tag:

It is newly added to SEO.  It is used for targeting visitors from the specific location.


  • Content related video It gets some more benefit.
  • Placing Social Bookmarking icons is also beneficial.

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