How to Get Google AdWords Certification | It is need for Digital Marketers

Google Adword Certification need for Digital Marketers

Most fresher’s in Digital marketer’s are confused if certifications are needed in their career or not? Yes, in today’s world any marker’s who wishes to stand out of the crowd must need to have certificates. Google being the major search engine on online has its certification course that letslearner’s to learn ins and outs AdWords to be a top ad manager.

Main theme for being a Google Adwords expert is to expertise in basic and advance concept of Internet Ad marketing.  To get basic certification you need to take two exams. The first exam being Fundamentalsof Adwords and the second is an additional exam with learner would like to expertise. Below is the list of the additional exam, which had to be taken to support Fundamental exam.

  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
The minimum passing score that is needed 80% for all the certification exams. For Fundamental, Search, Display Advertising exam time duration is 120 minutes with 100 questions and these are most preferred exams by most of the beginners. For Mobile, Shopping, and Video Advertising you will have 70 questions in 90 minutes to answer them.

Lets look into the step-by-step method how to give Adwords exam

  1. Sign into the Google partner with your Gmail account.
  2. Go to certification tab on to the left hand side of the screen.
  3. Then choose Adwords Exam
  4.  Choose the Fundamentals exams (for the first time and then go for specialization)
  5.  Once you finish the exam you can see your results and you would receive a certificate to your email account, which you have logged in with.

    Few points to remember when taking the exam

  •  Make sure your using strong Internet connection
  •  If your score is below 80% you can re-take the exam after a week
  • It’s not compulsory to take the all certification at one go.
  • All Google Certificates are valid for just a year.
  • Before giving the exam take a tour of Adwords help pages and your aware of the latest changes in the Adwords
  •   Google certification are Free
  •  No limit on how many times you want to give exam

Tips to Qualify for Adwords

  1. Read all the materials and my personal suggestion is Google AdWords help pages
  2. Watch all the related videos for AdWords
  3.  Practice few campaign in your account
  4.  Time management
  5.   Think of real time scenarios when giving the test

Benefits of AdWords Certification

  •  With the help of certification program you can prove your expertise in Google tools.
  •   By the certificates an individual can ad credibility to their resume
  •   Certifications have potential opportunities to open up new doors for success.
  •   You can link the Google certificates to your LinkedIn to widen your job options.
Above given explanation,tips would definitely help you when thinking or taking  Google Adwords exam. We wish you “Good Luck” for certification.

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