How to improve Domain Authority? – Tips to Improve Domain Authority

How to improve Domain Authority ? – Tips to Improve Domain Authority

SEO is a collection of many metrics and content, few of the metrics are scaled by some popular website, Domain Authority being one of it. Domain Authority (DA)is one such ranking metric developed by MOZ. It is defined a website relevance for a specific subject or Industry. This factor has a direct impact on website ranking by search engine.

Tips on Domain Authority

DA is calculated based on three factors: Domain Age, popularity of the website in a subject and size. An automated algorithm designed by MOZ evaluated a website on many factors and scores from 0 to 100. A brand new website will have 0 and a high authority site may have a score above 80/100.

So we all a may a doubt is domain Authority something which we can change or unchangeable? If it can be changed what major factors of a website has be looked into.

Link Profile: A link profile is the makeup of links coming to your website and its encouraged to have links from High authority website within similar industry. To do this its important to create an amazing content that draws many user to our website when having great content in our website, other websites in your niche would be willing to link your site. By this Google treats your website as a relevant and improves ranking which in turn effects Domain Authority . To know about content writing and blog writing visit our content creation article.

Internal Link:
It’s one of the most important ignored factors in SEO. To execute internal link in your
website just highlight the text that is clickable and connect it to your other pages within website. Doing this is a double benefit both users and search engine crawl, indexed all needed pages from your website. More you link internally, greater benefits to create a dense and engaging website. Practicing this will increase the Domain Authority

Remove Toxic Links: Toxics links are unnatural link that harms your website ranking. Google has rolled an update to penalize the website with bad link profile. Google webmaster tools help you in identifying the toxic back links that are linked to your website. They are many paid tools like Ahrefs, Majestic SEO or SEOmoz to get a complete list of backlinks connected to your website.

Toxic Links, Bad Links

SEO Maintenance: SEO isn’t for about just a few factors, it’s a interlinked metrics that connect with each other. To improve Domain authority you need to improve your overall SEO metrics like site structure, navigability, breadcrumbs, URL structure, meta tags, header tags, word count, keywords, alt tags, etc.SEO and content marketing .

Domain Authority (DA) is not a factor that can be improved your ranking over night, its just looks into various other metrics that nurture in the growth of the website. Both On Page and Off Page factors plays a vital role to increase the DA score.

All the above discussed factors do have their own contribution in changing the score of Domain
Authority. You can also include many factors like domain age, traffic, social share and many more as other influencing factors. Always ensure that you have great, fresh and relevant in your website for
users. We are sure that the above explained points will improve the score of your website and other
important SEO metrics.


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