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Increasing process of  Twitter followers:

Hi friend welcome back to, here in this site i’m providing the information of Social media techniques.

In this post i’m providing the information increasing process of twitter followers technique . Actually to get followers, first a fall we have to follow others.

To get huge visitors to our website through twitter we need more twitter followers it is very tough to get followers, for that we have a technique. below i’m provided step by step process of how to increase twitter followers.


1. First we need  one extension to add our browser ie. Tool kit for twitter.
2. Then we have to login to twitter 
3. Then  click on following button
4. Then click on account link and check their followers list

how to increase twitter followers

5. Then those account having high followers then click their followers button.
6. Then only we can see the all followers of that account 
7. After that click on Tool Kit for Twitter extension.
8. Then click on start tool kit for follower then you can see 6 different buttons.

9. in that click on “click all follow buttons” then that extension clicks the all accounts.
10. Based on that we can follow the more people based on they also re follow  us.
11. This is one of the way we can get huge followers with in a short time.

Important Point:

We never use this extension daily  after success full usage of extension then we need to take gap 3-4 days  gap. if you use regularly then your account will be suspended.

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