How to use Bid Adjustment to Get more Leads in Google AdWords

Bid Adjustment in AdWords to Get More Leads & Conversions through Mobiles: 

Bid Adjustment is a method which allows you to show your ads more or less frequently based on where, when and how people search. It means that you adjust your bids by percentages to get leads. It can help you improve performance of ads by setting bids that are better matched to a user’s context in every auction. Due to recent increase in smart phone usage its important to adapt the Bid adjustment method to gain leads where your customers are engaging the most.

Bid Adjustment in adwords for mobile

For Example your running an ad and you’ve found that your ad are performing better on mobile devices over desktop. So as a click from mobile’s are more worth to your business you would be be interested to raise your bid higher than the desktop.. You would choose 10  % to raise the bid to get the leads. By doing this you will be your increasing the leads from mobile

The percentage raise would calculate for the total amount of the bid. Its not important to adjust the bid for every day but its necessary to the ad which are performing better in certain location, devices or in particular time or a day or Week.
Below is the example how Bid adjustment is calculated
If your Bid Price = Rs100
You want to increase by 20 % for mobile
Formula Bid Adjustment= Bid Price+ (Bid Price* Increase – decrease %)
Mobile Bid Adjustment= Rs 100+(Rs100*20%)
                                             =  RS120

The new price you would be paying for Mobile ad = RS 120
Similarly you can decrease the bid amount also
Lets look into the step-by-step procedure to add or remove Bid Adjustments for search Ad networks:
1.      Sign in to your Adwords Account
2.      Click the Campaigns tab at the top
3.      Choose one of the campaign’s for which you would like to adjust the bid( You can choose from AD group level)
4.      Click the Settings tab.
5.      Choose the LocationsAd schedule, or Devices subtab.
Once you’ve reached to the tab Choose what you’d like to adjust
  • To set a location or ad schedule bid adjustment, select the rows that you’d like to adjust and click Set bid adjustment.
  • To set a device bid adjustment, select the rows for devices you’d like to adjust, and click Set bid adjustment.


Set bid adjustment.
Set bid adjustment.


Choose Increase by or Decrease by from the drop-down, and enter a number.
  • To remove a bid adjustment, delete the value in the field.
  • To opt out of showing ads at a particular time or location or on a certain device, decrease the bid by 100%.

The Range to Decrease or increase percentage is  -90 to 900 %
Click Save to save the changes  that you’ve made
Bid adjustment eligibility
Campaign type
Ad scheduling
Search Network only: Standard
Search Network only (All features)

Important points to Note when using Bid Adjustment:

When your set a bid adjustment that increases your bids, then your Ad is eligible to show more times. In this case you may end up having limited budget. When having limited budget your ad will bot be eligible for new traffic. So Its Important that you change your budget accordingly when using bid adjustment for your Ads.
After applying the new bid adjustments changes you should keep an eye on your campaign’s performance and make further changes when needed to base bids or bid adjustments.

I hope you would be interested to implement this concept in your Adwords account and gain better leads.


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