Influence of WhatsApp Business App on Small Business

Decoding Whatsapp Business

Whatsapp Whatsapp !! All mobiles have this app in common and its one app that has beaten the old texting method. It’s also become an integrated part of social media to connect people. But as the years passed on many business are using Whatsapp to promote their business. In a recent survey conducted many small businesses are using this platform to grow their business and communicate with customers.
Influence of Whats App Business App on Small Business

So WhatsApp’s plans for a separate business app

With the same concept Whatsapp which has introduced as WhatsApp Business few days go. A new app where business can promote their sales with great customer service and with different target audience. This app is purely meant for its business features on mobile phones.  But currently this is available only for Android uses and it’s free to download.

So lets decode what’s new in Business Whatsapp

Business Profile:

 You will need to create a business profile. This means that unlike the general profile here you need to provide with you complete business information like

  • Website
  • Location
  • Contact Info
  • Open timings
  • Profile Image
  • Service Type
  • Business description


All the above information will be help your customer to know about your business. This app allows you to list your business and keep in touch with your clients at no cost.
Business Profile
You can also use a special feature in this i.e, Account  verification. This simply means that WhatsApp has verified that the phone number of this contact belongs to the associated business. The green badge next to the contact’s name confirms that this is a verified business account (Note: this is still under limited to few business). This is helpful for business to gain trust among customers.
Messaging Tools: As we are talking about business we need everything easy and fast, so whatsapp Business offer new smart and time saving messaging feature for instant replies. Here are the 3 different kind of instant messaging options available in the current version.
  • Away Messages
  • Frequently Asked
  • Quick Reply


Away messages are best useful when you’re away from your business or when customers are messaging you’re after your business hours. It can be used any possible way needed. Greeting Messages are best used when a customer is contacting you for the first time or when there is 14 days of inactivity between you and your contact. We’re sure this is a new approach for business to stay connected with customers frequently.
Quick replies should be used to make it easier to communicate with the customers. To use this feature to need to provide predefined messages to your account.

For Example:

If you want to convey a message “Thank you for contact us and it was great doing business with you.” Then you need to give a short code like Thanks followed by / – /Thanks in your account setting. By doing this you can send quick replies.

The other messaging features like sending photos, multimedia messages will remain same. And customer will continue to have full control over the messages they receive, with the ability to block number, including businesses, as well as report spam.

 Messaging Statistics

Insights and number are needed in any business for understanding growth and services. As whatsapp is all about messaging here we have a special feature called statistics. A feature that’s designed for business accounts with to measure simple metrics about the number of messages that were sent, delivered and read by their customer.  This metric will definitely helps small business to understand their business strategy better.
Whatsapp Message Statistics

WhatsApp Web

Whatsapp web is not an other whatsapp account but it’s a single account use it two different devices. Which means that you use WhatsApp on your computer and your phone, you are simply accessing the same account on these two devices. This is feature is available for both personal and business accounts.
When using whatsapp web and whatsapp mobile the messages you send and receive are fully synced between phone and computer, which means you can see all messages on both devices. Any action that is taken on your mobile will affect whatsapp web and vice versa.

Additional Features of WhatsApp Business  

On a single device you can have both whatsApp business and whatsApp messenger installed but which different numbers.

If you using an existing business number to whatsapp personal account you can migrate your account WhatsApp business. When doing so al your existing contacts will be transferred to business contacts.
As in personal account in business account also you can hide the last seen and profile picture from people who are not in contact list.
You can also use whatsApp business with landline phone number.
You can use your Google drive accounts to store all the chat history.
You can use group feature where, business owner can add their customer in a group for better messaging.
All chat conversation is end to end encrypted for additional security.
We are happy if business can make the best use of the new whatsapp business features to make the most out of their business.  This app is aiming to make business grow faster. The important reason business app will help is its ability to connect to 1500 million people by 2017 December. We can definitely promise that the installs will be see further raise in number in coming years.

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