Is Guest Blogging a panda penalty Update?

Why Guest Blogging Panda Penalty Update:

Guest blogging one of the top respectable off-page technique, which we have been following to promote our website. But, Do you think over the time is Guest Blogging a bad technique of link building and website which are practicing this will be hit with penguin update. To many confusion about guest blogging??? Let’s dive deep into the details to know good and spammy techniques.
Guest Blogging a panda penalty
Guest Blogging a panda penalty

Guest Blogging is defined as a blogger content to be published on other blog. Many a time it can be a mutual exchange of content writing on website with in the same niche. It was a respectable job for authors, because they were invited to write their review or opinion on other website to gain online exposure.

Let’s take a simple example to see how guest blogging can be a spammy technique:

 A famous blogger name Abc is popular Digital marketer and promotes high quality content to his website and clients he own. On a fine day he receives an email from a fellow blogger appreciating his website and quality content he has been posting in his website to create a fanclub. In the same email he also mentions that he would like to write a article in his website which is 100% original, Well written and Relevant to your audience. He mentions that in return a dofollow link or two in the article body that will be relevant to your audience and the article.

From the above example we has seen that a new blogger was approaching an other blogger but was asking for a link exchange, which is a spammy technique and is a potential Google quality guideline violation. Also many website owner are relaying on guest posting, guest blogging sites, or guest blogging SEO as a link building strategy, link banks. Google has always tried to a distinguish between high-quality guest posts vs. spammier guest blogs.Google always appreciate high quality guest blogging, which is 100% original, well written, and Relevant to your audience not just for linking building.

Recently Barry Schwartz on this website SEOroundtable also posted a warning against article written for link building and many website would see a mass link penalty following these techniques. He added saying that it can even effect ranking fluctuations for website and may hit a penguin update. 

Concluding points to add is that a High quality Guest blogging with NoFollow link is always good practices and wouldn’t violate search engine guidelines.

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