Is Your Content Marketing Generating Leads for Your Business?

Is Your Content generating Leads

Every business craves for lead but how do you generate leads from content?? This question might is confusing but in Digital marketing Industry content does all the speaking for business. And if your an expert you’d have heard “ Content is King “ Number of times by now.
No matter want your business needs are High value content is most trusted and is crucial for lead generation. Blogging can also be a potential source of lead when advertised properly on social media channels.
Now let’s bring our ride to learn on How to create focus content that generate leads.

Research on Popular Topics:

To gain more customers via content a detailed research is needed on to know what are interested topic, trending topics and what are more searched topic by users. This is quite important step in the initial stage of content writing by doing so you’re making sure that your business is reaching potential customer who are looking for your business.

So where do you start from? 

Keywords a powerful way to know what your audiences are searching and what they want. In terms of SEO, they’re the words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines, also called “search queries” many people are familiar with this definition.

Is Your Content Marketing Generating Leads for Your Business
Is Your Content Marketing Generating Leads for Your Business
Google keyword planner, Buzzsumo, Ahref and many more online tools are available to learn about the right keywords. These tools are available both in free and paid version.  Enter a keyword in these tools you will be able to generate a list of words that you need for your business pick the right keywords. Always chose the keyword that match your business and has High search volume.

Once you done with keywords then include your personal brand keyword in the content. By doing so you will be able to build a trust. This wouldn’t happen overnight but will take time, once people know your brand then it becomes easy to gain trust among users. Trust is an important factor in online marketing.

Optimized Content

Optimized is content is often considered good for SEO and relevant keywords in content. Optimizing content is less a matter of keyword presence and metadata and more an issue of trust, intent, quality, freshness and authority.


  • Upgrade your content
  • Write in-depth content
  • On Page SEO 
  • Readability
When users trust content you get more leads when we have more leads you make good sales for business.  Its important to write a user intent content that means you need to understand sales funnel. Once done look for user driven content and provide quality content.
That’s means if a user is searching to Buy LED TV then user should be land to a page where can view all LED TVs offered by the business but not to Homepage where all your business services are displayed. To conclude create content to one specific audience, addressing their most important and needed points.
Also provide Call to action content because the goal of the business is all about leads. Every piece of content in the page should guide the user guide what to do next to gain leads.

Landing Pages

A perfectly crafted Landing pages always encourages user to convert. To do so we should start with SEO factor of writing a compelling headline and draw user attention about your services and why to choose your service.

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Many SEO factors need to be considered while designing landing pages

  • Speed of the page
  • User experience
  • Content highlighting
  • Customer testimonials
  • Social media presence
  • High quality images
  • Colour
Users won’t stay longer time on your site. So the first impression should be the best impression. Its always encouraged to do A/B testing when designing landing pages because it good to learn what is best for business and users. Analytics are best source to know what are the pages that are leading to more conversion.

Special Offers

In business customers are interested to know about offers or gain extra credits. By doing so enlighten and encouraging your leads with more offers that will help them to do business again and again with you.

  • Your special offers can be
  • E-book
  • Free 7day trail service
  • 5% off on service
  • Free online course


Any offer that suites your business at it best should be opted.
Sometimes email subscriptions are also huge opportunity to increasing your number of subscribers in business.  For new subscribes you can offer an E-book or 7 days free trail up for your service. By doing so customers will have an idea about the service you provide and will have trust on business.
Once you have a list for your audiences attract them with your service and always engage with your business. Share the latest service, your case studies, your online review and your upcoming products. You can do this from any of your online channel it can via social media or email.
Always ensure that you focus on right targeting audiences because they are people who know about your business and are looking for your service.


We understand it’s not a cake wall for business to gain leads and attract loyal customer but this can be achieved over time when the above factor will be implemented to your websites. You’ll also guide people to a sale through, organic process because you’ll know that your audience truly wants your service. These above discussed points can be implemented both for PPC and SEO.

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