List of Content Strategies it will Help to Earn Back links in 2018

List of Content Strategies 

The content plays an important role in earning the right and positive traffic to your website especially when it comes to earning natural backlinks. 
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It’s the most important responsibility of a Content Marketer, SEO professional as well as Digital Marketers to know what should (or potentially could) work, as well as what won’t. The Guest Blogging is considered as the most appropriate way to gain links legitimately. Learning blogging or content generation can be very easy if followed in the right guidance which can be through online helpful guides or Online Marketing Courses for blogging. 
Apart from guest blogging, you could also consider strategies like giveaways, contests and directory listings to gain backlinks. These strategies, for instance, can help you to build one backlink at a time which may not be sufficient, especially if you have a competitor who already has thousands of quality backlinks pointed at their website. To earn enough backlinks for the small business website, you need to understand first about What is backlink What are the various online content strategies to earn enough back links to your website?

What is a back link?

A “back link” is created when any external website links to your website. This why some people refer to call back linking as “external back links”. The purpose of back link is getting more organic traffic. This strategy is based on the algorithm of how Google and other search engines understand your content and rank your website. The more good links you have pointing to your site, the more your website will be seen as an authoritative and reputable source, and the higher up the rankings you go.
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The strategies one should follow to earn back links are:

Make a Quality List of Resources in the Content:

This is one of the factors which is commonly ignored by the SEO professionals as well content writers. One should look for the quality content resource to improvise the link building. A resource list always helps to understand the concept and used for various analysis which can really help you to earn good link building. Always try to give your audience a valuable list of some of the best resources in its niche to earn links naturally. 
top 100 digital marketers
For example, like for digital marketing related content, you can offer a list of the best free tools for competitive analysis or the top 100 digital marketers and how to follow them. These types of resource-related content can really help and engage the audiences for a longer run including shares on social networks, within comment sections, and even in other publications that find value in what you’ve spent your time composing.

Include shareable Info graphics

Visually stimulating media helps the audience to grab and enhance any message, for example, that’s the reason why Facebook posts with images get 2.3 times more engagement than regular posts without images. The info graphics are like pumped-up versions of standard images, packed with real facts and stats that drive an engagement which can be both positive as well negative, but also offer visual appeal, easy-to-digest and easy-to-recall statistics, and a fun way to not only present content but also a fun way to interact and share it.

Write content as per Link Provider’s website demand

The content marketers frequently use the “keyword research” strategy to write online content specifically for SEO and back linking purposes. The problem with this strategy is that it only works with websites that already have high domain authority. With more than 2 million blog posts written each day, the keyword strategy may not work if you are a lesser known website with less domain authority and trying to outrank your established competitors. One way to get more genuine back links is by catering or providing the content to what other bloggers in your industry are looking for. 

Participate in Collaborative Content Marketing:

Collaborative Content Marketing is a significant way to combine the expertise of other influencers in your industry to create an amazing piece of content. Not only does collaborating save time and resources, it raises the potential for earning links and social shares because your collaborators have their own audiences and platforms.

Is Your Content Marketing Generating Leads for Your Business?


The rules haven’t changed. You can follow the same old style when it comes to earning back links naturally and ethically; however, the rules have just become much more enforceable than before. The brands are in need to offer valuable content to their site’s users if they really want to gain and retarget current customers and potential customers alike. The more content you can offer your audience, the more they will value your site, and the more they will want to share your content with the audience of its own.

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