Part C Related Digital Marketing Terms – Pen Name by MSAN

C Related Digital Marketing Terms:
Categories – A particular topic related posts come under  one category it mainly used in blogs.
Eg: News Portal, Entertainment site etc.,
Click-Thru Rate (CTR) – It give the value of  number of website clicks for 100 Impressions.
Cloaking – A prohibited practice of tricking a search engine into indexing different content than the user actually sees.
Collaboration – In reference to Web 2.0, this concept states that shared contributions of large numbers of individuals, using social media tools, is a main driver of quality content on the Internet.
Part C Related Digital Marketing Terms
Part C Related Digital Marketing Terms
Comments – Comments are noting but a message box in websites. And it is content generated by users in response to an initial publication, most notably blog posts.
Content – A topic related to specific post in that post contain text, image, video, audio, app or other material published on the Internet for audience consumption.
Contextual Link Inventory – It is a like a link.And it is an extension of search engines where they place targeted links on websites and they deem to have same/similar audiences.
Conversion – It is action taken by a website user or visitor, such as making a purchase, registering for an event, subscribing to an e-newsletter, completing a lead-gen form, downloading a file, etc.
Conversion Cost – See “cost-per-acquisition (CPA).”
Conversion Rate – It is calculation process of  percentage of visitors to a site or ad who actually take a further action, like buying a product or booking or lead etc.,
For example: 20 people visit your site, but only 5 people complete the survey or transaction, you have a conversion rate of 25%.
Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) – Represents the ratio of the total cost of a advertising campaign to the total number of leads or customers, often called “CPA” or “conversion cost.”
Cost-Per-Click – A method of paying based on click basis and it is also called as
CPM – Cost Per Mile paying money for 1000 immersions.
Crawler – It is a function of some search engines and Some other SE it is a Automatic Function that index a web page, and then visit subsequent pages.
CTR – An abbreviation for “click-thru rate.”

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