Part – I 5 Advance & New Off Page Techniques of 2017 To Get Quality Back Links

New Off Page Techniques  2017:

Off page Promotion or back linking your website is a well know technique in SEO. Back links are incoming links that refer to all links from other websites to our website; by this we promote our website. More back links a website has and better those links are, the referring domain will appear on top of the search results. An example of strong back links would be links from topically relevant websites and high domain Authority.

5 Advance & New Off Page Techniques To Get Quality Back Links
5 Advance & New Off Page Techniques

Skyscraper Technique

A Technique used to create content and use it to attract readers, engage influences and to ensure that content is better than our competitors’.

The Skyscraper Technique is simply be broken down into three simple steps:
Step 1: Find some link-worthy content in your niche. 
In this content strategy we need to find a healthy problem. A problem that hasn’t been documented by any other Competitors’ in your niche.
Step 2: Make something better with Quality.
Once we have made a note of the missing content then try something unique, valuable, useful and helpful to user.
Step 3: Outreach your content to the right people.

 Find out sites that link to your competitors and reach out them on emails with your new quality content.
In one single statement Skyscraper technique is “Find something good, make it better and show it to the right people”. This off page technique is gaining unmatchable importance’s.

Guest Blogging:

Guest blogging is a popular and most used off page SEO technique in Digital marketing. it is defined as a blogger content to be published on other blog. Many a time it can be a mutual exchange of content writing on website.
Guest blogging
Guest blogging

Importance of Guest Blogging:

  • Increase traffic to our website.
  • Maximum visitors to increase website ranking .
  • Relationship with other experts in same niche.
  • Educate reader with more information.
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Get a back link to increase page rank.
  • Add freshness to your website.

Build Links from broken links(PBN):

Broken links building is a process of acquiring links by finding broken links from a website of your niche, reproducing that broken link’s content and helping webmasters convert broken links with your corrected link for link building purposes.

Steps to work on Broken Link building:

  1. Use the Broken Link Builder to find the broken, dead or e non-functioning pages related to your topic area in other website.
  2. Once you Choose pages you can recreate (with original content) 
  3. Write email  to site owners, letting them know they’re linking to a broken page and suggesting your content( do  email follow approach to re linking)

Testimonials/ Customer Feedback:

In marketing customers feedback is most valued, when coming to online marketing for product and service customer feedback is check by very user who wants to use the service. Many popular companies have always made a point displaying their testimonials; by practicing this they earn trust of the required audiences. Some companies try link their feedback to customer personal profile to ensure that it’s a natural link and build a quality trust among users. It’s a easiest way to get a powerful link from a high authority domain.

This technique works only when we take the service or buy a product or do business from them.
Link Reclamation:
Every website has a little fan club who engages with its brand and promotes it’s very often.  When promoting they often for get to link. But Its good to have a link attached to our website when promoting and places where necessary. This method for getting link from fan club is called as Link Reclamation. 
Are these popular back linking technique or are their even more technique?? Yes they are many more trending link building points that are not been covered in this discussion. If you would link to learn more off page technique stay tuned with us we have the best left for you in the next article. See you soon.

 Part – II  Advance & New Off Page Techniques of 2017 To Get Quality Back Links

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