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In last post we have discussed about “5 ADVANCE & NEW OFF PAGE TECHNIQUES OF 2017 TO GET QUALITY BACK LINKS” and it was told that they are still many off page techniques which will be discussed. We covered points on Skyscrapers Technique, Guest Blogging, Broken Links, Customer Feedback and Link Reclamation. . Now lets’ dive deep into new technique’s of Link building, A great way to promote your website on SERP.

Info graphic:

Did you that great info graphics are ways to engage audience? Yes we need to create info graphics that are specially designed to reach the niche audience who always engage with your website. Doing so we can’t stand out of the crowd and impress them with new ways.
Sharing the info-graphics on submission websites who are willing to share. At time you would like to have to include the original text and generate traffic to website. Newer audiences are likely to get connected and engage.

great info graphics
great info graphics

Above discussed off page technique works best for website who create beautiful info-graphics to share success stories and convey messages.


To work on this you need to expertise on the subject first and then go for this technique. Once you have a expert or your expertise the subject you have 2 ways of approach.
You are the Interviewee: once your expert then volunteer yourself to an interview and explain your view to audience. Practice these to increase your audiences and share your views.

You are the interviewer:  People love to hear thoughts and opinions from leaders. Interview a top leader in your niche and ask them to link to the interview’s page on your site or vice versa. This link building process will help you acquire enough traffic to your website following white Hat Off Page SEO technique.

Blogger Review:
Bloggers are review always make a differences then a searcher review. Invite a blogger and ask them to write a review on the product or service that you‘ve been offering. This is ethical process to builds a relationship between the bloggers and brand. But there’s a point to remember when asking for reviews and links in return for things is a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Ask for a Link

Doing a favorable work to a website owner and not asking money, but asking for a back link will be a good approach. In this method you need to do is to express your skills to good use when someone needs your assistance. Once the job is done ask for credit which will be a link to website.

Scholarship Program:

Run a scholarship program to help university or students, by doing this you will receive an inbound link for a .edu website. The scholarship programs should be like rewarding winner, task of contest in your niche and many more that suits your business. Its good to link . edu or . gov website because high DA and Page Rank (PR)  this will be a great back link to improve the ranking and helps you in right promotion of Off page technique.


Run a contest to boost your brand in your audiences and Target audience. Doing this will make you understand what your audiences and what can be engaging to them try to use some marketing strategy to enhance your visibility to newer audience.
Viral Content:
Viral content is the top trending or the most discussed topic this is simple way to reach audiences. Because Internet is the primarily source to many people to know what is currently trending and  sharing information online is much simpler and faster than it is in the real world. Take advantage by creating your own viral content. 
The above discussed off page techniques are newer and confusing, but when implemented with great care, innovation they lead to great success. Digital marketing SEO is all above ethical way of promotion to right audience. Make use of these above methods and bring out the right link building strategy that meets your business or website. Happy promotion!!!!

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