SEO Techniques to Increase Traffic to your Website

A business website is like a reception desk at traditional offices – people come in, enquire about product and services offered by the Company and if satisfied place an order. The difference is that while there is a definite office address to visit which is permanent for the usual brick and mortar offices it is not so for websites. If the sites do not have a strong online presence and visibility and do not rank high on results pages of major search engines, online searchers will just opt for those that do and make a purchase. This is why SEO is so crucial. A highly optimized site will bring in more traffic to the site, increase brand awareness and enable a significant rise in conversions and sales.

Statistics prove why it is important to stay on top of SEO. Let’s take a quick look at them. There are almost 3.5 billion searches on Google every day and in the USA alone, more than 78% of people browse the web before making a purchase. If your website is not ranked on the first page, you will be missing out on these business opportunities as 75% of searchers do not even go to the second page. Additionally, sites that rank in the first 3 slots get 60% of all search traffic with the possibility of a transaction taking place is as high as 14.63% as against 1.7% from the conventional print and media channels.

SEO Techniques to Increase Traffic to your Website

Here are some techniques that you can follow to increase your search traffic quickly and effectively.

1.SEO audit for your website This is the starting point and will help you understand why you are not getting enough traffic to your site. If you are not strong on this technique, hire a digital marketing agency specializing in Search engine optimization in India or in any country that you are based in. Basically, an audit will closely examine the total performance of the site and will include setting goals and devising strategies to reach them. Some of the main parameters that you should be looking for are whether the pages have SEO Meta titles and descriptions and the content is optimized with SEO keywords. There should also be links embedded in all content and keywords in ALT tags of all images.

2.Landing Pages that are SEO optimized – A landing page that is well designed and structured can help to increase traffic to your site and help in lead generation and sales. It is the landing page that is specific to a search unlike general content on a home page. Unfortunately, this is much neglected and studies have shown that 44% of clicks in B2B companies get diverted to the Home page. The trick is to create quality and attractive landing pages on specific topics with clean layouts and professional graphics and then drive traffic to them through SEO, emails and press releases. A good landing page will have a Call-to-Action button, no navigation and informative and useful content.

3.Mobile friendly website – In May 2016, Google introduced an algorithm that gave more importance to websites that are mobile friendly. This is because more than 60% of daily searches are done on mobile devices. In the e-commerce sector, almost 45% of all sales grossing around $284 billion originate from mobile devices. A responsive website is one that offers the same clarity and design across all Internet-enabled devices regardless of the size of the screen. You can be sure that your site is mobile friendly if you use WordPress as CMS since all themes in WordPress in the last few years have been designed to be mobile friendly.

4.Content length – The length of the content is important. Studies have shown that content exceeding 1500 words have double the number of social media shares than those that don’t. However, content length is not everything with the quality of the post being the ultimate deciding factor. A shorter high-quality blog post will be more effective from an SEO point of view than a longer low-quality post. What is required is that the content analyzes the topic in detail and be valuable for the reader. An advantage of longer content is that it can contain the number of relevant keywords and not look like they have been intentionally stuffed.

5.Deep linking – This is the method of linking other pages inside your blog through anchor texts. It ensures that Google knows the depth of the site’s pages and encourages it to index them all. It is particularly useful to bring search visitors to internal pages and boost traffic to the site.

6.Boost lower ranked pages – How do you move your pages ranked on Page 2 or 3 of Google search results to Page 1? You need to create outbound links from authoritative sources to your content. The reputation of high authority websites will help your pages climb the rankings as Google will feel that your content should be of high value too. All things between two websites being equal, the one with more links will rank higher in search engine results.

These are some of the basic techniques used by SEO Agency that can be used to drive traffic to your website and increase conversions and revenue.

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