Technical terms of digital marketing – Technical words in digital Marketing

Technical words in digital Marketing:

Hi friends welcome to my blog in this blog i’m providing the information of Digital marketing tips. in this post i’m providing the information of “Technical words in digital Marketing”. Those people who are searching the digital marketing terminology they can get from here.
Here in this page i’m providing the all Technical words in Digital Marketing from A to B in below list all concepts of technical terms are mixed (SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO etc). After completion of reading this post i hope you will strong in digital marketing terms.

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Technical terms of digital marketing
Technical terms of digital marketing

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# – Special tags in social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+ and it it work as Keywords in Search engine.
301 – This code represent the permanent reduction from one url to Another Url.  

302 – This Code represents temporary redirection from one Url To Another Url.
404 – This Code Represents the Page Not Found Error. 
There Are so many Codes are there for server errors etc.,

A Related Technical Terms of Digital Marketing:

Abandonment Rate – See “bounce rate.”

Acquisition – Refers to the particular time when a visitor or user came to a website becomes a qualified lead or customer.

Acquisition Cost – See “cost-per-acquisition/ cost per lead.”
AdCenter – See “Microsoft adCenter.”
AdSense – Google AdSense is a pay-per-click and pay per impression advertisement platform this application which is available to bloggers and Website publishers as a way to generate money from the traffic on their websites. 
AdWords – The pay-per-click (PPC) search-engine marketing (SEM) program provided by Google.
Akismet – A widely used application / Plugin for blogging platforms, such as WordPress, that functions as a filter for comment spam and other forms of undesirable user-generated content.
Algorithm – It is a Mathematical rules and calculations a search engine uses to determine the rankings of the web sites  or webpages. Every search engine has its own unique algorithm that gets updated on a regular basis.
Present  Google’s Search engine is top SE in Internet marketing.
ALT Attribute – It is max available in  html code in <img /> A line of text used to describe the content associated with a non-text based file, typically an image. 
Anchor Text – It is used for create Hyperlink  <a></a> The non-URL text that is displayed in a hyperlink. 
Avatar – A graphical representation of a real person, often seen in user profiles for online forums, social networks or chat/instant-message services.  
and So on.,
Click On B you will open B Related Technical Terms of Digital Marketing
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