Top 4 Lead-Generating Ideas for Your Content Marketing Part – 2


In our last article of   IS YOUR CONTENT MARKETING GENERATING LEADS FOR YOUR BUSINESS? We’ve shared ideas how to optimize your content for more leads. This will be continuity for that article to share further idea to optimize content at best.
Some website receive huge visitor’s from organic and paid method’s but those visitors are worth when your able to generate leads or sales to your business. In some situations they are many people looking for your content and if your content is not well optimized them your missing your leads from potential customer who can bring profits.
Top 4 Lead-Generating Ideas for Your Content Marketing
Top 4 Lead-Generating Ideas for Your Content Marketing
Did you know that even landing page optimization increases your website visibility to decode this once website starting ranking of your optimized content then Google will begin to rank you in first page by this your gaining organic traffic which is good SEO and is good in a long run for website. Because more traffic, more conversion, more revenue which is dream and requirement for every business.
Now let check few more content optimization techniques:

Competitors Analysis 

An Eye on competitors is always good.  Make a list of website of your niche business and check the reason why are ranking above you. Your research should include
  • Keywords
  • Better content
  • Infographics
  • Call to action 
  • Landing page experiences
  • Site speed
  • Mobile – friendly
Also another way is to look into competitors website and Analyze titles and meta description each page. They should give you at least a few ideas for headlines you can use in new content.
Above are only a few mentioned points that need to be observed from your competitor’s. Once done an in depth analysis of the current landing page has to be done and the most needed ideas that suits your business needed to be executed.

Call To Action

Call to action is the most important factor that has to be considered while designing any page online.  Because once the user lands on your page you want to take a action that your business needs. Make your call-to-action clear, concise, prominent, specific and compelling. Provide every piece of information that user need to convert.

To explain with an example If you want a customer to sign up for your business then provide sign up forms and sign up buttons in your content and page. This will definitely encourage user to take required action
Also keep in mind that create call to actions that are relevant and specific.  If a business needs more call and If you have a contact us page encourage the customer to fill the contact form and also provide a information about how to reach your business via calls.
User would not convert unless you provide an opportunity. So make its important to design page that is highly optimized and has prominent call to action buttons

Regular update of content

Scan your content every few months to ensure that none of the content is outdated. It can be even the offers that you give to your customer. If your website has gone through a redesign during any time, you’ll likely need to update images in the post to be in line with your current branding.
 It’s important that when new visitors are coming to website site to find certain information it’s important top content is severed with accuracy.

For example If your running a valentine’s day offer on your page make sure you start few days before and remove once you’ve passed that date. This will make sure that customer sees a fresh content and updated offer.
Customer testimonials are great opportunity to gain trust among website visitors. Many website owns ignores them by not updating the latest testimonials. Hence It should be made a point that your reviews are updates regularly.


Infographics are popular because they allow you to display complex information in an easy to understand. This could be done via images or videos whatever suit business needs. Using them wisely can be helpful to increase your brand awareness.
They are many website you don’t understand the right way the content is viewed. Website based on cookery or who share recipes has to ensure that they provide every style of content to their visitor’s, what I mean here is that. If you visit a cooking website you should provide user with written recipes, high quality Images and Videos.  This in when user is browsing your website they can either view a recipe via video or the method provided. Doing this your providing user with the info looking for and in best possible medium.
It’s important you should review every update on website to check what is working and what is not and address those issues.
To wrap up this above are only a the major points discussed in content and landing page optimization which helps you to gain more leads to any business.  They can possibly be more factors, which can influence conversation rate of website, but following the about will ensure that you’ll a rise in leads to your business.

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