Want To Rank In Google’s Featured Snippets? Take Care Of These 9 Things

Want To Rank In Google’s Featured Snippets:

Studies conducted have demonstrated that almost 30% of Google’s search results consist of featured snippets. That number is anticipated to keep on increasing significantly as the acceptance of voice search grows. It has never been more essential to acquire the coveted “Position 0“, in the SERPs.
So, to rank in Google snippets, the following are the 9 things you need to be aware of:
Want To Rank In Google's Featured Snippets
Want To Rank In Google’s Featured Snippets

1. Page 1 rankings are mandatory: 

Until and unless your page under question positions on-page SEO Techniques 1 for a search query that initiates a featured query, having one will be almost impossible.
Truth be told, Ahrefs conducted a study and discovered that 99.58% of each of the featured snippets are from websites that rank in the top 10 of that particular search term.

2.Perform keyword research :

It’s the ideal opportunity for some good old keyword research. In fact, you should have started with it. Be that as it may, you can streamline your keyword research to enable you to get featured snippets, as well. It’s a smart thought to utilize a tool or two to see whether a search query will raise featured results or not. E.g. Serpstat.
It enables one to easily observe which keywords result into featured snippets on the results page. Simply type in a keyword, domain or link, and float over each result to check whether featured snippets appear for each. This is good for revealing which featured snippets your rivals are right now ranking for. Additionally, in the event that you effectively rank high for a specific keyword, it merits seeing whether Google as of now provides snippets for those keywords.
Check out a featured snippet example for better idea.

On the off chance that they do, attempt to rank for it by recognizing (and replying) the questions that individuals have related to that topic. At that point, simply organize your content to incorporate tags that identify with those questions. It’s likewise critical to answer more than one question in each of your articles.

3.Do an analysis and find opportunities :

As you are successful in finding a featured snippet for a keyword, you rank on page 1 for, it’s an ideal opportunity to attempt and catch it.
What is the present site doing great to answer the user’s query? What could be enhanced and give a superior affair to visitors searching that very topic?
Work out your content in a way that will give a superior answer.

4.Formatting style counts :

In the event that the existing featured snippet is in the form of a table, ensure your answer is in the same format i.e. a table.
On the off chance that the current featured snippet shows up as a bulleted list, ensure yours is too.

That’s the way to go….

5.Remain within the optimal word count :

Maintain your section tight and brief with the goal that Google can without much of a stretch feature your content. Segment off your paras, lists and steps as opposed to letting them all run combined. As indicated by SEMrush, this is a quite normal length for a featured snippet.
Their examination found that the most regular length of content in featured snippets is between 40-50 words. Because of this, you should attempt and keep each segment of content no more than 50 words and no lesser than 40.
Utilize headers to separate your content sections.

6.Grammar is important :

 Britney Muller from Moz threw some light on a few tests they have been executing.
She discovered that on the off chance that you have committed grammatical mistakes within your heading or description, it could trigger expulsion from position 0 !

Refer to some Moz featured snippets.

7.Include a “how-to” section in your site :

As featured snippets are such an awesome opportunity to pull in site traffic and win new leads, it’s a good plan to redo your site in a way that gives you a chance to streamline “how-to” content. A few sites are coming with entire site sections that are dedicated to give answers to their visitors’ questions.
This provides the majority of your content that is doted to answering queries or resolving torment indicates a place to live on your site.
On the off chance that you would prefer not to have a ” how-to ” section, a Q&A section could be a smart thought.

This area could incorporate responses to FAQs about your services, products or domain. Top quality images and videos additionally help your odds of positioning for featured snippets.

8.Check out the ‘People Also Search’ box :

Checking out the results in this box can help you to answer related questions as well as spark thoughts for alternate content you can write to help your SEO endeavors.

These searches are quite often related and can truly help to get a peek into other related keywords.

9.Go the inverse pyramid way :

You need to attempt and put the response to the featured snippet towards the topmost point of your page.
Begin with the answer and afterwards supplement whatever is left of the content on that page with information so that the visitor could get all the things answered in this one place.
To summarize, you can reach Position 0 on the off chance that you work on content creation on your site, particularly with regards to answering questions and giving careful consideration to the questions users are asking by means of search.

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