What is quality Score in SEM – How to increase Quality score of Ads

Hi welcome back to dmnarayana.com, Here in this post providing the details of Quality score in SEM.

What is SEM?

What is the Quality score in SEM Search Engine Marketing / what is quality score in google AdWords?

Simply Quality Score is Rating for your Ad’s it was given by Google based 200 factors. But up to now google does’t revel that factors, because  if they revel then a people will do those tings only.

But Below i’m providing some tips to increase the quality score Based on my experience and some articles these tips very success full steps to increase the quality score try it once.

Important Steps to increase the Quality score of  your Ads:

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1. Create the Ad’s in Narrow way 
Eg: If you are creating Ad’s related to Lenovo Mobile then you have to create ads for particular product for that category and select the keywords related to that product like Lenovo  a600+ price, Buy  Lenovo a6000+ etc like this  
What is quality Score in SEM - How to increase Quality score of Ads
2.Ad the Negative Keywords.
3.Place the keywords in Description if any chance and add in Title also.
4.Create User friendly Url  in Display Url.
5.Maintain the Exact Landing Page.
6.Try Reduce the Page Loading time in website.
7.Try Increase the CTR.(important Point)
8.While creating Ad try insert call to action terms it is use full to CTR.
9.You Should Have to Add the Extensions.
10.Loosen up the themes so keywords are not so niche.

What is the USE of Quality Score?

It is very useful if your ad having high quality score then Actual CPC is automatically decrease for that reason we have to try to increase the quality score .

How to check your Quality Score:

Click The below link in that article you can find the process of quality score checking process.

Video related to How to Increase Quality score for Ad’s

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