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Hi Welcome back to DM Narayana(Digital Marketing) in tis post I’m providing the details of What is SMO & Uses of SMO

What IS SMO in Digital Marketing?

SMO Stands for Social Media Optimization, it is a process of optimizing the social media networks to increase visitors to our site/ to increase the brand awareness and increase the business.

How SMO used for Business?

By using SMO We can brand our business very easily. Because as per some statistics 76% of people spending time in Social Media only. Based on that it is the very easy to promote our business in different social media networks.

In this 71% People actively participating in Facebook only. Based on this we have promote our business in fb only because of we reach more people within a short time. After that we have to target the other social networks also.
What is SMO
How social media optimization useful to website?
By sharing the date of your website like sharing posts in groups/community etc., placing tips which was related your business and sharing some articles of your business etc., like this you can get more visitors.

When we used social media effectively then only we can improve the visitors. Based on site CTR(Click through ratio) you can improve your site’s organic search results. By connecting & communicating with people in various online spots, you spread out the reach of your business and increase opportunities for people to link to your main business page.

Social media optimization helps connect all of your social media networks accounts in a unified, constantly branded network that points your customers where you want them to go.

Top 6 Social Networking Sites:

Face book


Linked In

Google +



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